"Bored to Death" with Thomas Page McBee

This week we're joined by the writer Thomas Page McBee. Thomas is the author of two books, "Man Alive" and "Amateur," which documents his experience becoming the first trans-man to box in Madison Square Garden. Thomas helps us answer a question from a listener who is drinking and smoking heavily and sounds bored with his life.
We talk with Thomas Page McBee, author of "Man Alive" and "Amateur," which documents his journey to become the first trans-man to box in Madison Square Garden. Thomas' full bio is below.

Some of the topics discussed include: getting into arguments on the street, anger as the only acceptable emotion for men, why do men fight?, Thomas’ background as a writer, his interest in monsters, the importance of relationships in all of our success, being touch deprived as a man, “what sociologists call the cover of violence”, spotting people at the gym and getting spotted at the gym, strategy in boxing, going through puberty, vulnerability as bravery, making sense of your gender as a man, recognizing our capacity for violence.

You can check out Thomas' website here: https://www.thomaspagemcbee.com/

After our interview we move on to the following question:

Hey Man, 
I realize as I’m writing this that I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for from you. I’m 30 and a team lead at a pretty big tech company that was formerly a start up but is now well established and owned by an even bigger tech company. I’ve worked my way up in my field, but I’m not satisfied at my job and unsure what to do next. My girlfriend and I have slipped into a very boring rhythm and I can’t tell where the relationship is going. We watch a lot of tv and have separate hobbies. We never have sex and I’m not even sure that I care that much (and I can’t tell what she’s thinking about things). I also have a daily weed habit that I can’t seem to kick. I’m bored when I don’t smoke. I have dreams about waking up early, going to the gym before work and catching up on all of the things I’m behind on, but inevitably I stick to the same pattern: I smoke weed the night before, go to bed late, wake up groggy and get to work late. Then I stay late at work trying to catch up and have a few drinks with co-workers before heading home and doing the same thing over and over again. I’m in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it. Any advice?

Bored to Death

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