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"Either you make the lift or you don't" w/ Paulie Steinman

This week we talk with Paulie Steinman, one of the head coaches of USA Powerlifting and owner of the beloved Brooklyn gym South Brooklyn Weight Lifting Club. We get a master class in dealing with failure and adversity and then Paulie gives some tough love to a listener dealing with impending baldness.

"Bored to Death" w/ Thomas Page Mcbee

This week we're joined by the writer Thomas Page Mcbee. Thomas is the author of two books, "Man Alive" and "Amateur," which documents his experience becoming the first trans-man to box in Madison Square Garden. Thomas helps us answer a question from a listener who is drinking and smoking heavily and sounds bored with his life.

"An extreme version of a classic conundrum" w/ Ben Mathis-Lilley

Avi & Sam are joined by Slate blogger Ben Mathis-Lilley. We talk about Ben's growing up in Michigan and his career as a journalist. Then, we answer a question about how to handle an out of control bachelor party.

"Is this okay?" w/ Avi Klein & Sam Graham-Felsen

The first episode of the show. We introduce ourselves and answer a question about whether an unconventional relationship is okay.

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