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"Be like a jellyfish" with Nick Novak

We welcome Olympic Weightlifting coach and avid bird watcher Nick Novak, who shares some of what he enjoys about being a teacher and the satisfaction of watching people grow as athlete. We also talk about his growing up and his honing of his social skills as an army brat. This week, in lieu of a listener question, Sam asks for advice with a problem he's been struggling with on the show (and off). What could it be? 🤔Hint: (🗣🗣🗣)

"The lobster that hunches his back" with Andrew Marantz

In honor of the publication of his book, we're rebroadcasting one of our first episodes with the New Yorker's Andrew Marantz. Andrew's new book is the extremely relevant "Antisocial: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians And the Highjacking of the American Conversation.

"Step into the tavern of love" with Ali Sethi

Ali Sethi is a Lahore-born writer and musician. A graduate of Harvard College, he is the author of the acclaimed debut novel ‘The Wish Maker’ and a contributor to The New York Times op-ed page. Ali is also a classically trained vocalist. We discuss differences between intellectual activity and performance, differences in masculinity across cultures and how he draws inspiration from the Sufi tradition to encourage multiple perspectives and interpretations. Our advice question this week is from someone struggling to connect with friends who he's grown apart from.

"Getting punched in the face" with Brandon Levi

This week we're joined by Brandon Levi. Brandon is a former Muay Thai fighter and owner of Evolution Muay Thai in New York City. Brandon talks about why he learned to fight as a boy, why he tries not to get into fights and how sick he gets as a coach of other fighters. Later, we get an advice question from a man who is struggling with how to cope with his girlfriend's feelings of insecurity in the relationship.

"Call your guyfriend" with Ann Friedman

This week we're joined by writer Ann Friedman, co-host of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend. It's full of advice! Ann gives us some advice on starting a podcast about friendship and also explains Shine Theory and how it can help you manage professional jealousy. Finally we move on to the real advice - we get a question from a recently divorced man who has found he no longer has friends of his own and needs help making some new ones.

"I had this dream that I was knitting" with Louis Boria

We're joined this week by Louis Boria aka Brooklyn Boy Knits. Louis became well known in 2017 when a photo taken of him knitting on his subway commute went viral. We talk about knitting and the importance of doing what something that makes you happy, even when your family doesn't understand. Our question this week is from a dad who wants to protect his son from embarrassing himself on the basketball court.

"Tentpole issues" with Jason Rogers

Jason Rogers is a former silver medalist with the USA Olympic Men's Fencing team. He's also the author of a recent candid essay in Men's Health magazine about his decades-long struggle with performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction in the bedroom. This week, he shares with us about his struggle with erectile dysfunction and how other men can benefit from what he learned in his recovery process. We also get a question from a listener struggling with whether he should commit to his current partner or end the relationship.

"The medicine that I needed" with Jason Rosario

On this week's episode, we're joined by Jason Rosario - director of The Lives of Men, host of the web series "Dear Men" and the podcast "Hey Jason." We discuss how he copes with dealing with failure, making the unconventional choice and the challenges of negotiating masculinity as a Black/Latinx man. We also hear from a dad who is struggling with pushback to raising his son in a feminist way.

"Everything just becomes light" with George Pitagorsky

This week's guest is George Pitagorsky, a teacher and practitioner of yoga and Insight Meditation since the early 1970’s. We talk about misconceptions that people often have about meditation and how to envision meditation beyond just sitting on a mat counting your breath. George brings his patience and wisdom to a very hard advice question - we all agree one of the hardest we've encountered - from a man who is unwilling or unable to forgive himself for his past. Warning: the advice portion of this episode addresses verbal and emotional abuse and may be triggering for some listeners.

"The reed and the oak story" with Jules Febre

Our guest this week is Jules Febre, one of the senior teachers at Jivamukti Yoga in New York City. We talked with him about his complicated path towards practicing yoga and explore gender differences and class differences in practicing yoga. Jules has a really interesting, helpful way of complicating conventional wisdom and suggesting a path that wouldn't have even occurred. Finally, we get to an advice question from a young man struggling with anger in the face of major life changes.

"The long version" with David Epstein

In this episode we speak with David Epstein, author of the New York Times bestseller "Range" (and previously "The Sports Gene") - a book that speaks up for the benefits of being a generalist in an age of hyper specialization. We discuss David's personal trajectory that led to him writing the book, which is broad and fascinating. Related to that, we talk about managing the self doubt that comes when you're unable to stick to one lane in your career. Then we move on to an advice question from a father who is worried about his daughter, who seems to be floundering as she enters post-college life.

"Graciously willing to play the fool" with Jessica Weisberg

We have our first female advice giver on the show and she happens to be an expert in the history of advice! Jessica Weisberg is the author of the book, "Asking for a Friend: Three Centuries of Advice on Life, Love, Money, and Other Burning Questions from a Nation Obsessed." We get into her book and then throw a pretty tough advice question her way about how to handle a friend with some dark secrets.

"The Neil Armstrong of Plus Male Modeling" with Zach Miko

This week we speak with Zach Miko, the first plus sized male model to sign with a major modeling agency. We discuss his start, growing a thicker skin to deal with trolls and body positivity. We also have two questions this week, both seeking help with jealousy.

"The Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus trap" with Avi & Sam

Avi and Sam get deep on a classic relationship dilemma. A listener wants to know what to do with a girlfriend who is angry at him for choosing to spend time with his friends instead of with her.

"The lobster that hunches his back" with Andrew Marantz

This week we're joined by the New Yorker's Andrew Marantz. Andrew has a book out this fall about the alt-right/alt-light: "Antisocial: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians And the Highjacking of the American Conversation."

"We need to tell our stories" with Aymann Ismail

This week we talk with Slate's Aymann Ismail, host of the podcast "Man Up" and creator of the web series "Who's Afraid of Aymann Ismail." We talk about growing up Muslim in America, his career trajectory and get his thoughts about masculinity today. We wrap things up with an advice question from a man who grew up Muslim and first generation American but worries about making serious life choices that are going to disappoint his parents.

"Either you make the lift or you don't" with Paulie Steinman

This week we talk with Paulie Steinman, the head coach of USA Powerlifting's Classic Masters Team and owner of the beloved Brooklyn gym South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club. We get a master class in dealing with failure and adversity and then Paulie gives some tough love to a listener dealing with impending baldness.

"Bored to Death" with Thomas Page McBee

This week we're joined by the writer Thomas Page McBee. Thomas is the author of two books, "Man Alive" and "Amateur," which documents his experience becoming the first trans-man to box in Madison Square Garden. Thomas helps us answer a question from a listener who is drinking and smoking heavily and sounds bored with his life.

"An extreme version of a classic conundrum" with Ben Mathis-Lilley

Avi & Sam are joined by Slate blogger Ben Mathis-Lilley. We talk about Ben's growing up in Michigan and his career as a journalist. Then, we answer a question about how to handle an out of control bachelor party.

"Is this okay?" with Avi Klein & Sam Graham-Felsen

The first episode of the show. We introduce ourselves and answer a question about whether an unconventional relationship is okay.

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