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"Let there be play" with Dominatrix Dia Dynasty

We're joined this week by professional dominatrix Dia Dynasty. We discuss sex, kink and the power that comes from knowing your sexual self. In the second half, Dia helps us with an advice question from a man whose relatoinship struggles are leading him to wonder if he's not cut out for monogamy.

"Where most guys really are" with Rich Dorment, Editor-in-chief of Men's Health

We're joined this week by Men's Health editor-in-chief Rich Dorment. Rich brought his son with him to work and he fell asleep while we were recording the episode! We talk about his decision to include mental health as an area of focus at the magazine, his article on Men and friendship and cultivating work/life balance. Later, Rich helps us with an advice question from a listener who needs help with getting politics out of his relationships with his friends.

"Holy sh*t, it's on" with Jason Charles (The Angry Prepper)

We're joined this week by 20 year veteran of the FDNY and organizer of the NYC Prepper's Network, Jason Charles. Jason shares what he's learned from his experience in the FDNY and his longstanding interest in disaster prepping. In the second half, Jason lends a hand in giving advice to a man who can't let go of a workplace betrayal.

"Community, Connection & Tribes" with Noah Rubinstein of Yinova

Sam is out this week but Avi is joined by acupuncturist Noah Rubinstein of the Yinova Center in New York City. We discuss his background as a paramedic and the importance and challenges of cultivating balance. Our advice question this week is from a man who is struggling with feeling like the black sheep wherever he goes.

"Are we ghosts?" with Zach Iscol

We're back! Our guest this week is Zach Iscol. Zach is a combat veteran ,a grand marshall of the 2019 Veteran's Day parade and the founder of several companies, including Hirepurpose, Task & Purpose and Headstrong - a nonprofit dedicated to providing veterans with treatment for PTSD. Zach joins us to help give advice to a man who is struggling to take responsibility after screwing up at work.

New episodes of Hey, Man starting up in February 2020

Sam and Avi return next week after taking a few weeks off to rest, relax and record more episodes. We're excited to announce that new episodes of Hey, Man resume on Wednesdays starting in February. If you have a question that you need help with, get in touch! We'd love to feature you on the show. You can send us an email at

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